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This site is 'powered by' a database that has been built up from over 20 years of reports and sightings, supported by a range of publications and websites. Individuals to whom I am indebted include:


Lawrence Acket, Barry Ambrose, John Austin-Williams, Alexandre Avrane, Rob Bearden, Ken Bearfield, Jan Broe, Brian Burrage, Keith Burton, Wayne Buser, Roger Cain, David Chadwick, Ian Chadwick, Howard Chaloner, Tim Chaloner, Geoff Cook, Ian Cook, Ron Cuskelly, Steve Darke, John Davis, John Dyer, Ken Ede, Mark Evans, Paul Filmer, Jason Ganner, Gary Gatwick, Paul Giblin, Hugh Gifford, Geoff Goodall, Mark Gould, Michael Green, Jacques Guillem, Steve Hall, Keith Harris, Harry Hawkins, Paul Hayward, Martin Hemington, Willy Henderickx, Mike Henniger, Clive Hindmarsh, Nigel Hitchman, Nigel Howarth, Bernard King, Alex Klegien, Jan Koppen, Stefan Krause, Niels Helmo Larsen, Ruud Leeuw, David Legg, Andrew Lindson, Dan Linn, Paul Looby, Andy Mac, Joe McDermott, Gustav Mahler, Andy Marden, Peter Marson, Andy Martin, Steve Martin, Stuart Martindale, Andrew Marsh, Robert Mitchell, Steve Mitchell, Paul Moiser, Nicolai Musante, Malcolm Nason, Jeroen Noordhout, Bob Ogden, Mark Ollier, Guus Ottenhof, Steve Ozel, Keith Palmer, Bob Parmerter, Mark Pattenden, James Paveley, Ralph Petterson, Jagan Pilarisetti, Michael Prophet, Taigh Raimey, Grant Robinson, Dietmar Schrieber, Jay Selman, Tom Singfield, Ken Stoltzfus, Eddie Swift, John Tomlinson, Rich Tregear, Aad van der Voet, Chris Wagstaff, Mike Ward, Art Wiggins, Alec Wilson and Royston Wood.

Publications routinely dipped into include:

Airlife's General Aviation, by R W Simpson; Airlife (1991)

The Anson, Envoy and Consul File, by Ray Sturtivant; Air-Britain (1988)

Aviation Museums and Collections, in three geographical volumes, by Bob Ogden; Air-Britain (various)

The Avro 748, by Richard J Church; Air-Britain (2017)

Beech 18 - A Civil and Military History, by Bob Parmerter; Twin Beech 18 Society (2004)

Boeing 707, 720 and C-135, by Tony Pither; Air-Britain (1998)

British Flying Boats, by Peter London; History Press (2011)

The Convairliners, by J M Gradidge; Air-Britain (1998)

De Havilland Biplane Transports, by Bernard King; Gatwick Aviation Society/Air Classics (2003)

De Havilland Drover - Australia's Outback Workhorse, by Geoff Goodall; Air-Britain (2016)

Douglas DC-3 - the First 75 Years, by Jennifer Gradidge; Air-Britain (2006)

European Air Forces Directory, by Ian Carroll; Mach III (2021)

European Military Out of Service, by Otger van der Kooij and Andy Marden; Dutch Aviation Society (2007)

French Post-War Transport Aircraft, by Jacques Chillon, Jean-Pierre Dubois and John Wegg; Air-Britain (1980)

The Grumman Amphibians - Goose, Widgeon and Mallard, by Fred J Knight with Colin R Smith; Air-Britain (2013)

Lockheed 188 Electra, by David G Powers; World Transport Press (1999)

The Lockheed Constellation, by Peter J Marson; Air-Britain (2007)

The Lockheed Twins, by Peter J Marson; Air-Britain (2001)

Ocean Sentinel - The Short Sunderland, by John F Hamlin; Air-Britain (2012)

On the Wings of a Gull - Percival and Hunting Aircraft, by David W Gearing; Air-Britain (2012)

The One-Eleven Story, by Richard J Church; Air-Britain (1994)

Propliner Annual, edited by Tony Merton Jones; Propliner Aviation Magazine (various)

Scottish Aviation Pioneers, by Chris Hobson; Air-Britain (2021)

US Military Designations and Serials since 1909, by John M Andrade; Midland Counties Publications (1979)

USA Military Out of Service, by Andy Marden; Mach III Publishing (2010, 2013, 2016,  2022)

World Air Forces Directory, by Ian Carroll; Mach III Publishing (2013, 2019)

World Military Out of Service, by Andy Marden; Mach III Publishing (2012, 2015, 2018)

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