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Survivors first appeared in book form in 1982, when Brett Hargraves and Chris Herbert produced their review of piston-engined airliners for Seefive Publications. The Gatwick Aviation Society took up the mantle 15 years later, when Vince Horan produced an expanded version that included turboprops and jets.

Since then, Survivors has been published every five years by the Gatwick Aviation Society, in association with the late Bernard King's Complete Classics. The content has expanded with each edition, the final book, published in 2017, covering over 120 aircraft types and spanning 288 pages.


Sadly, production of Survivors as a book has become untenable. The time has therefore come to go 'digital' and  the plan is to build the site gradually, one aircraft type at a time.

As always with Survivors, feedback and updates are always welcome.

Roy Blewett

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